Vellore Village South Library: August 15 Update

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You can see the library take shape as construction progresses.

Future entrance

Future entrance to the Vellore Village South Library!

Masonry work

Masonry work along the west side of the building.

Childrens Area

Installation of the radiant-heated flooring for the Children’s Area.

View looking at foundation

View looking at foundation wall showing fluted concrete.

Air humidity unit

Air humidity unit in place.

Roof work

On-going roof work.

West side of building

West side of the building facing the parking lot.

Villa Royale Ave view of east facade

View from Villa Royale Avenue as east façade work continues.

Civic Centre Resource Library Update – Jan. 23

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This week has been a great week at the Civic Centre Resource Library as workers continue to construct the frames of the building.  Take a look at the site from different views and imagine how stunning the library will look once construction finishes.


View of the east elevation.


View of the west elevation.


View of the south elevation.


View of the southwest corner.


Study hall view looking north.


Collaboration space has taken form.


Connections bolted in place.


Second delivery of steel has arrived.