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Wonder by R.J. Palacio


August Pullman is as ordinary a boy as any. He loves his family, his dog Daisy, and of course, the Star Wars franchise. He likes ice cream, riding his bike, and playing video games. Why am I telling you all of this? Why am I telling you about an ordinary boy, who enjoys ordinary things? Well, it’s because there is something extraordinary about August.

Wonder is beautifully written. Its focus is of course, on August, with perspectives from other characters adding to the impact of the story. It is a book that showcases the importance of not judging others based on appearance and first impression. It will make you consider how your words, body language and facial expressions impact those around you. It will make you laugh, and cry, but also make you feel thankful for having read it. Children and adults alike will appreciate this book and the message it sends to its readers. 5 stars! Can’t wait for the movie!

A Monster Calls

A Monster Calls

Sometimes, monsters are not always as they seem. Not all monsters are vicious, gruesome beasts set on scaring you, or eating you, or causing you harm. Some monsters are far worse. Monsters that make you face the reality of your situation. Monsters that make you see the truth for what it is. Monsters that make you accept the inevitable, even though it hurts. Sometimes, these monsters, the monsters within, are the scariest ones of all.

A Monster Calls is beautiful and raw, a gripping tale that will hit you where it hurts. It is a story about personal truths, acceptance and heartbreaking loss. It is a story that will make you question why you’re reading it in the first place. It is a story that will make you question why you didn’t read it sooner. It is a story that pulls at your heart. It is a story worth reading.


cover imageI came across Vikings quite by accident. Browsing the shelves at the Maple Library one day, I noticed the cover first. Intrigued, I flipped the DVD over, read the back, and proceeded to check it out. I was hooked within minutes, and four seasons later, I’m still hooked!

Inspired by the life of Ragnar Lothbrok, Vikings is a historical drama that follows early Medieval Norsemen as they raid, trade and explore the world. Wanting more than just the life of a farmer, Ragnar rises to fame by sailing to and raiding England, gaining the title of Earl, and eventually, King. He will easily become one of your favourite characters. The story itself is exciting and entertaining, and does a great job of exploring the ethics, religion and social structure of the Vikings, their enemies and their allies.

       Great content, great actors, great theme song! This is must watch TV!