VPL New Arrivals Feeds - Business Collection http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/view/31 Check out newly arrived titles at Vaughan Public Libraries! en vplwebmaster@vaughan.ca VPL New Arrivals - Business Collection /img/icon-vpl.gif http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/view/31 35 <![CDATA[The code of trust : an American counterintelligence expert\'s five rules to lead and succeed / Navarro Joe]]> http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/348505 http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/348505 <![CDATA[Guide to investing : what the rich invest in, that the poor and middle class do not! / Kiyosaki Robert T 04(1947)99]]> http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/320163 http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/320163 <![CDATA[Stocks for the long run : the definitive guide to financial market returns & long-term investment strategies / Siegel Jeremy J]]> http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/248816 http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/248816 Stocks
Stocks -- History.
Stocks -- Rate of return
<![CDATA[80 lessons learned : on the road from $80,000 to $80,000,000 / Beyer Thomas]]> http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/348626 http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/348626 Investments
Real estate investment
<![CDATA[The new human rights movement : reinventing the economy to end oppression / Peter Joseph 04(1978)99]]> http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/348622 http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/348622 <![CDATA[Business analytics : data analysis and decison making / Albright S Christian]]> http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/348602 http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/348602 Decision making -- Computer programs.
Industrial management -- Statistical methods -- Computer programs.
<![CDATA[Serve to be great : leadership lessons from a prison, a monastery, and a boardroom / Tenney Matt]]> http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/348599 http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/348599 <![CDATA[Business plan : best proven techniques to writing a successful business plan to maximize a profitable business / Gadsen Brian]]> http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/348558 http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/348558 Business writing
New business enterprises -- Planning
Small business -- Planning
<![CDATA[Let the story do the work : the art of storytelling for business success / Choy Esther K]]> http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/348506 http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/348506 Storytelling
Success in business
<![CDATA[The power of people skills : how to eliminate 90% of your HR problems and dramatically increase team and company morale and performance / Throness Trevor]]> http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/348504 http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/348504 Employee retention
Employee selection
Personnel management
<![CDATA[The workplace engagement solution : find a common mission, vision, and purpose with all of today\'s employees / Harder David 04(1953)99]]> http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/348503 http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/348503 Employee motivation
Organizational behavior
Organizational effectiveness
<![CDATA[Total focus : make better decisions under pressure / Mann John David]]> http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/348502 http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/348502 Success in business
<![CDATA[Janesville : an American story / Goldstein Amy]]> http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/348478 http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/348478 Global Financial Crisis, 2008-2009
Janesville (Wis.)
Working class -- Wisconsin -- Janesville.
<![CDATA[The new rules of marketing & PR : how to use social media, online video, mobile applications, blogs, news releases, and viral marketing to reach buyers directly / Scott David Meerman]]> http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/348442 http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/348442 Internet marketing
<![CDATA[The lost art of closing : winning the ten commandments that drive sales / Iannarino Anthony]]> http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/348440 http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/348440 ]]> <![CDATA[How to spot the next Starbucks, Whole Foods, Walmart, or McDonald\'s before its shares explode : a low-risk investment you can pretty much \"buy and forget\"-- until you want to retire to Florida or the ]]> http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/348439 http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/348439 Investments
Stocks -- Prices -- Forecasting.
<![CDATA[Currency kings : how billionaire traders made their fortune trading forex and how you can too / Robson Ben Financial Analyst]]> http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/348438 http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/348438 <![CDATA[One small yes : small decisions that lead to big results / Lown Misty]]> http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/348437 http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/348437 Entrepreneurship -- Psychological aspects
<![CDATA[Rapid organizational change / Bleistein Steven 04(1968)99]]> http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/348436 http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/348436 <![CDATA[Why the rich are getting richer : what is financial education, really? / Kiyosaki Robert T 04(1947)99]]> http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/348435 http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/348435 Financial security
Retirement income
<![CDATA[The grant writing and funding coach : target and acquire the funds you need : how individuals, non-profits, local governments and community organizations build bridges with funders / Griffiths Deborah]]> http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/344863 http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/344863 <![CDATA[The essays of Warren Buffett : lessons for corporate America / Buffett Warren]]> http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/214853 http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/214853 <![CDATA[Tableau your data! : fast and easy visual analysis with Tableau Software / Interworks Inc]]> http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/332764 http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/332764 Tableau (Computer file)
Visual analytics -- Computer programs.
<![CDATA[Tactical SEO : the theory and practice of search marketing / Wilson Lee]]> http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/323751 http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/323751 Marketing -- Management
Web search engines
Web sites -- Marketing.
<![CDATA[Burn your mortgage : the simple, powerful path to financial freedom for Canadians / Cooper Sean]]> http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/345711 http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/345711 Homeowners -- Finance, Personal.
<![CDATA[Faster, higher, farther : the Volkswagen scandal / Ewing Jack 04(1955)99]]> http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/342881 http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/342881 <![CDATA[Speak up, show up, and stand out : the 9 communication rules you need to succeed / Malandro Loretta A]]> http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/228136 http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/228136 Communication in management
Interpersonal communication
<![CDATA[It\'s your ship : management techniques from the best damn ship in the Navy / Abrashoff D Michael]]> http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/342538 http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/342538 Command of troops
Ship captains -- United States -- Biography
Abrashoff, D. Michael
Benfold (Destroyer)
United States. Navy -- Management.
<![CDATA[The big book of team motivating games : spirit-building, problem-solving, and communication games for every group / Scannell Edward E]]> http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/342305 http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/342305 <![CDATA[Never out of season : how having the food we want when we want it threatens our food supply and our future / Dunn Rob R]]> http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/342295 http://www.vaughanpl.info/new_arrivals/record/342295 ]]>