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A secret research project called Aspirin studies patients with amnesia, and something goes terribly wrong.

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آنچه مردان درباره زنان نمى‌ دانند
Ānchih mardān darbārih zanān nimīʹ dānand
A married man, a doctor, falls for a woman 30 years his junior.

A chance meeting between a man and a woman changes their future.

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از تهران تا بهشت
Az Tihrān tā bihisht
Farhad works on some highly controversial tests. When he suddenly absconds with some results to a place named Heaven, his wife doesn't know the reason. She goes to Heaven to find Farhad - but she finds him in Hell.

ازدها وارد می شود
Azhdahā vārid mīʹshūd!
A suspenseful movie that begins in the desert on January 22, 1965 - the day after the Iranian prime minister was killed.

An Iranian colonel travels to the Soviet Union in 1955 to pick up compensation money that is owed to the Iranian government for World War II.

اشک و سکوت
Tear and silence
Pouran and her daughter are expatriots who secretly return to Iran to visit Pouran's ailing mother. A neighbor sees them, and then secrets are revealed.

ایرانی برگ
Īrān-i burgir
Candidates in a fictional Iranian village compete against each other in a local election.

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بچگیتو فراموش نکن
Bachigītū farāmūsh nakun
A meteor crashes outside of a desert city and affects the city's residents in strange ways.

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پرىدن از ارتفاع کم
Walked away
When Nahal loses her baby, it proves to be the spur for her rebel against the chains of her dreary life.