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ارغوان. / Ahmadi Mahdi
A chance meeting between a man and a woman changes their future.

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از تهران تا بهشت. / Afshar Mahnaz
Az Tihrān tā bihisht
Farhad works on some highly controversial tests. When he suddenly absconds with some results to a place named Heaven, his wife doesn't know the reason. She goes to Heaven to find Farhad - but she finds him in Hell.

ازدها وارد می شود. / Ghanizadah Humayun
Azhdahā vārid mīʹshūd!
A suspenseful movie that begins in the desert on January 22, 1965 - the day after the Iranian prime minister was killed.

استرداد. / Aqayi Salih Mirza
An Iranian colonel travels to the Soviet Union in 1955 to pick up compensation money that is owed to the Iranian government for World War II.

اشک و سکوت. / Bakhtar Kamran
Tear and silence
Pouran and her daughter are expatriots who secretly return to Iran to visit Pouran's ailing mother. A neighbor sees them, and then secrets are revealed.

ایرانی برگ. / Hunar I Avval Firm
Īrān-i burgir
Candidates in a fictional Iranian village compete against each other in a local election.

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بچگیتو فراموش نکن. / Abdi Akbar
Bachigītū farāmūsh nakun
A meteor crashes outside of a desert city and affects the city's residents in strange ways.

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پرىدن از ارتفاع کم. / Al Aqa Mihri
Walked away
When Nahal loses her baby, it proves to be the spur for her rebel against the chains of her dreary life.

درمدت معلوم. / Abdi Akbar
Dar muddat-i maʻlūm
Meysam looks for a publisher for his book about young persons' sexuality.

دو دوست. / Askari Hamid
Other romanized title:
Two friends studying abroad, married their spouses without telling their families, but now they must return home and face the consequences.