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.הקבוע היחידי. / Blum Yoav
Title on title page verso:
Imaginary histories -- Hebrew language.
Inventions -- Fiction -- Hebrew language.
Science fiction, Israeli.

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Raḳ be-Yiśraʼel : sefer ha-ḥipuśim ha-gadol / Shalev Raheli
Title from colophon:
Drawing, Israeli -- Hebrew language.
Israel -- Description and travel -- Hebrew language.

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Sodo shel ha-baʻal / Avner Tamara
Sodo shel ha-baʻal
Domestic fiction -- Hebrew language.
Husband and wife -- Fiction -- Hebrew language.
Letters -- Fiction -- Hebrew language.

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ארץ פצועה / Ashkenazi Moshe
Wounded land
"Brutal terror attack. Suicide bomber detonates bomb on a Saturday night in the heart of Haifa. The bomber is injured and rushed to the nearby hospital in critical condition, and with him many of the wounded attack victims. The burdensome situation that night leads to an intensive chain of events, serious doubts and bursts of emotion for many of the characters: The four police officers responsible for securing the attacker at the hospital, the doctor who happened to be on duty that turbulent night, the swift nurse working beside him, the group of injured people hospitalized in such close proximity to the terrorist and their family members who are naturally caught in the deep turmoil of it all. Amongst these characters is the prominent Kobi Amar; a 37 year-old policeman, who is the father of two and married to Tamar. Kobi is faced with increasing familial and professional obstacles while commanding over three other policemen the night of the attack and guarding the injured terrorist who... Written by comeback films"--imdb.com (viewed on December 14, 2016).

גאולה מרצון : סיפורה של אחת מנשות גואל רצון. / Fefer Yael
Title on t.p. verso:
Cult members -- Israel -- Hebrew language.
Cults -- Israel -- Hebrew language.
Fefer, Yael -- Hebrew language.
Polygamy -- Israel -- Hebrew language.
Ratson, Goʼel -- Hebrew language.

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גאליס : יונתן ודני במבצע מקסיקני / Shir Semadar 04(1957)99
La-lekhet be-darkekha
When she thinks she has no choice, Danny leaves Jonathan and goes to Mexico. In a small village, on the edge of the Pacific Ocean, she trys to build a new life, with the help of Angela, a local woman.

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חוטים מקשרים. / Hislop Victoria
Ḥuṭim meḳashrim
זוג חיים בימים סוערים של ממשלת טורקית וגרמנית עד שלבסוף שומע נכדם הנולד באנגליה.

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כריסטופר קולומבוס, יהודי בסתר / Evans Mike 04(1947)99
Krisṭofer Ḳolumbus, Yehudi ba-seter
Columbus, Christopher -- Hebrew language.
Crypto-Jews -- Spain -- History -- Hebrew language.
Explorers -- Italy -- Biography -- Hebrew language.
Jews -- Spain -- History -- Hebrew language.

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סילביה. / Kfir Moti
Title on t.p. verso:
Assassins -- Israel -- Biography -- Hebrew language.
Israel. Mosad le-modiʻin ṿe-tafḳidim meyuḥadim -- Biography -- Hebrew language.
Rafael, Sylvia, 1937-2005
Salameh, Ali Hassan, -1979 -- Assassination -- Hebrew language.
Spies -- Israel -- Biography -- Hebrew language.

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עברי לפני שבת. 4 : מיטב שירי ישראל הישנה והטובה.
ʿIvri lifney shabat.
Disc 1: ha-Raʻot (Yehoram Gaʼon) -- Baladah le-Shoṭer (Oshiḳ Leṿi) -- Shnenu me-oto ha-kefar (Lehaḳat Piḳud Merkaz) -- Hoi, artsi moladeti (Shoḳolad Menṭah Masṭiḳ) -- Tilbeshi lavan (ha-Dudaʼim ṿeha-Parvarim) -- Lu yehi (ha-Gashash ha-Ḥiṿer ṿe-Naʻami Shemer) -- Gan ha-Sheḳemim (Riḳah Zaraʼ) -- Zemer nugah (Ester ʻOferim) -- Ayelet ahavim (Shelishiyat Gesger ha-Yarḳon) -- La-lekhet shevi aḥarayikh (ʼIlanit) -- ha-Selaʻ ha-adom (Ariḳ Laviʼ) -- Tsarikh le-tsaltsel paʻamayim (Shoshanah Demʼari) -- Lel ʼemesh (Shaiḳah Leṿi) -- Yatsanu ʼeṭ (Dani Masing) -- Soger maʻagalim (Daṿid Ben Basaṭ) -- Ḥiyekhi li be-shirim (Dudu Zakai) -- Praʼag (Ariḳ Ainshṭain) -- Be-heʼaḥzut ha-Naḥal be-Sinai (Lehaḳat ha-Naḥal).