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A band of babies / Dyer Jane

When Benny arrives at day care, where the babies are bored, he finds the instruments and soon they are off on a musical journey to the store for a snack.

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Arthur's tooth / Brown Marc Tolon

Arthur, tired of being the only one in his class who still has all his baby teeth, waits impatiently for his loose tooth to fall out.

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I got a new friend / Edwards Karl

A little girl and her new puppy get to know one another.

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See what we eat! : a first book of healthy eating / Ritchie Scot

"The book opens with Nick, Yulee, Pedro, Sally and Martin -- the five friends from Follow That Map! (2009), Look at That Building! (2011) and Look Where We Live! (2015) - about set off for Yulee's Aunt Sara's farm for some apple-picking. Their plan is to pick some apples to use in a dessert they will take to their neighborhood's potluck celebrating the fall harvest. While on their agricultural adventure, they discover how food is grown and produced before it ends up in their kitchens and on their plates. Each stop on their tour of the farm introduces a basic food group: a field of wheat and oats for the grains, the colourful veggie garden for vegetables, the henhouse for protein, the barn for dairy and its alternatives, and finally the orchard for fruit. After having some fun picking apples and then taking a break to eat a nutritious snack, it's time to go home to make an apple crisp. On the way, the kids spot a food terminal and stop in at a grocery store for some missing ingredients. Then with the help of Pedro's dad, all the kids play a role in making the crisp, including taking the food scraps out to the compost. Once the crisp is ready, the friends take it to the community center, where a multicultural group of neighbours has gathered to share homemade foods and celebrate the bounty of the season. Endmatter includes a simple baking activity (apple crisp recipe) and a glossary."--

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Sunset / Hunter Erin

"As shadows of the past haunt the forest, Brambleclaw is troubled by a dark figure on a dangerous quest for revenge. A sinister path is unfolding, and certain warriors must make choices that will determine the destiny of all the Clans"--Page [4] of cover.

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The cow that went oink / Most Bernard

A cow that oinks and a pig that moos are ridiculed by the other barnyard animals until each teaches the other a new sound.

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The mystery of the disappearing cat / Blyton Enid

A prize winning Siamese Cat has been stolen, and all evidence points to the Find-Outers' friend Luke. Fatty Larry, Daisy, Pip and Bets know Luke is innocent, but how can they prove it? The Find-Outers have another mystery to solve!

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The mystery of the secret room / Blyton Enid

The five Find-Outers try to determine who has been using a secret room in Mrs Crump's house.

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The new order / Wolfe Sean Fay 04(1997)99

The Republic is divided by those loyal to the King while new threats appear on the horizon.

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Thea Stilton and the mystery in Paris / Dami Elisabetta
Title appears on item as:
Detective and mystery fiction.
Mice -- Fiction.
Paris (France) -- Fiction
Stilton, Geronimo -- Fiction.
Stilton, Thea -- Fiction.