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Golden Age Social Hour: Escape the Winter!

  • The beauty and joys of winter are sometimes hidden. Cozy up with this engaging program to explore different aspects of the chilly, yet inviting, season. Session is hosted live on Zoom. Register on Eventbrite.

    The winter season brings a variety of birds to backyards across the Toronto area. Learn to identify some common species by sight and sound! Our guest speaker from the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority (TRCA) Liana will be talking about birds in the backyard.

    There will also be a brief talk on some of the latest research on the health benefits of the cold, including topics like the value of short cold showers and ice baths for physical recovery.

    The winter season can be quite a creative time and we are going to prove it by tapping into the Haiku, an English-language poem written in the Japanese poetry style.



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