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Accessibility Policy

Provide a framework for delivery of library service to comply with the requirements of the AODA, ASCS and IASR.

Board By-Law

A By-Law to govern the proceedings of the Board and its Committees.

Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct has been adopted for the protection and safety of all those using Vaughan Public Libraries.

Collection Policy

It outlines the principles which guide library staff in selecting resources for its collection.

Copyright Policy

VPL respects copyright. Some of the material in the Libraries' collections is subject to copyright held by others.

Elections Policy

Elections Policy maintains the neutrality of VPL during municipal, provincial and federal elections.

Exhibits Policy

It outlines the principles which will guide library staff in selecting exhibits for the library.

Internet Policy

Internet access is provided by VPL in keeping with the Libraries' mission to serve the needs of a growing multicultural community.

Operational Policy

Operational Policy and Regulations, List of Charges.

Privacy Statement

All visitors to Vaughan Public Libraries have the right to privacy and confidentiality regarding their use of library services, collections and Web site.