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Of Human Bondage
W. Somerset Maugham

A semi-autobiographical work about Phillip Carey, a crippled orphan, who searches for love and the meaning of life and is brought down by the low class waitress he loves when he tries to transform her.

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Olga Dies Dreaming
Xochitl Gonzalez

A blazing talent debuts with the tale of Olga, a status-driven wedding planner, grappling with her social ambitions, absent mother, and Puerto Rican roots, all in the wake of Hurricane Maria. Set against the backdrop of New York City in the months surrounding the most devastating hurricane in Puerto Rico's history, this is a story that examines political corruption, familial strife and the very notion of the American dream - all while asking what it really means to weather a storm.

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Oliver Twist
Charles Dickens

The adventures of an orphan boy who lives in the squalid surroundings of a 19th century English workhouse until he becomes involved with a gang of thieves.

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One Step Too Far
Tina Seskis

Emily Coleman apparently has a happy marriage, a beautiful son, and a lovely home. So what makes her get up one morning and walk right out of her life to start all over again? Has she had a breakdown? Was it to escape her dysfunctional family, especially her flawed twin sister Caroline who always seemed to hate her? And what is the date that looms, threatening to force her to confront her past?

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Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson reveals for the first time her inner monologue and most intimate struggles, guided by the journals she's kept since age 15 and brimming with her unique humor and down-to-earth humanity. First celebrated for her voice, she became one of the most talked-about women in the world, whether for music and fashion, her relationship struggles, or as a walking blonde joke. Her book shares the wisdom and inspirations she's learned and shows the real woman behind all the pop-culture cliches. Jessica tells of growing up in 1980s Texas where she was sexually abused by the daughter of a family friend, and of unsuccessfully auditioning for the Mickey Mouse Club at age 13 with Justin Timberlake and Ryan Gosling before going on to sign a record deal with Columbia and marrying 98 Degrees member, Nick Lachey. Along the way, she details the struggles in her life, such as the pressure to support her family as a teenager, divorcing Lachey, enduring what she describes as an emotionally abusive relationship with musician John Mayer, being body-shamed in an overly appearance-centered industry, and going through bouts of heavy drinking. But Simpson ends on a positive note, discussing her billion-dollar apparel line and marriage with professional football star Eric Johnson, with whom she has three children.

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Operation Paperclip
Jacobsen, Annie

In the chaos following WWII, many of Germany's remaining resources were divvied up among allied forces. Some of the greatest spoils were the Third Reich's scientific minds--the minds that made their programs in aerospace and rocketry the best in the world. The United States secretly decided that the value of these former Nazis' forbidden knowledge outweighed their crimes, and the government formed a covert organization called Operation Paperclip to allow them to work without the knowledge of the American public. Drawing on exclusive interviews with dozens of Paperclip family members, with access to German archival documents (including, notably, papers available only to direct descendants of the former Third Reich's ranking members), files obtained through the Freedom of Information Act, and lost dossiers she recently discovered at the National Archives, Annie Jacobsen will follow more than a dozen German scientists through their postwar lives and into one of the most complex, nefarious, and jealously guarded government secrets of the 20th century.

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Orenda, The
Joseph Boyden

An epic story of first contact between radically different worlds, steeped in the natural beauty and brutality of our country's formative years.

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Orphan Master's Son, The
Adam Johnson

Pak Jun Do is the haunted son of a lost mother and an influential father who runs a work camp for orphans. Superiors in the North Korean state soon recognize the boy's loyalty and keen instincts. He becomes a professional kidnapper who must navigate the shifting rules, arbitrary violence, and baffling demands of his overlords in order to stay alive. Driven to the absolute limit of what any human being could endure, he boldly takes on the treacherous role of rival to Kim Jong Il to save the woman he loves.

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Orphan Train: A Novel
Christina Baker Kline

Penobscot Indian Molly Ayer is close to aging out of the foster care system. A community service position helping an elderly woman clean out her home is the only thing keeping Molly out of juvenile hall. As she helps Vivian sort through her possessions and memories, Molly learns that she and Vivian aren't as different as they seem to be. A young Irish immigrant orphaned in New York City, Vivian was put on a train to the Midwest with hundreds of other children whose destinies would be determined by luck and chance. Molly discovers that she has the power to help Vivian find answers to mysteries that have haunted her for her entire life--answers that will ultimately free them both.

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Other Einstein, The
Benedict, Marie

The Other Einstein offers us a window into a brilliant, fascinating woman whose light was lost in Einstein's enormous shadow. It is the story of Einstein's wife, a brilliant physicist in her own right, whose contribution to the special theory of relativity is hotly debated and may have been inspired by her own profound and very personal insight.

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