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Microsoft Project fundamentals : Microsoft Project Standard 2021, Professional 2021, and Project online editions / Stover, Teresa S.

Get a firm grip on one of the most popular project management applications on the market today In Microsoft Project Fundamentals: Microsoft Project Standard 2021, Professional 2021, and Project Online Editions, accomplished project management leader Teresa Stover delivers a hands-on introduction to Microsoft's popular project management software filled with real-world examples and plain-language guidance. The book walks you through how to plan, schedule, manage resources, track progress, and more. In the book, you'll: Learn principles and best practices of project management while mastering Microsoft Project capabilities, calculations, and views Understand how task durations, dependencies, and date constraints power the project schedule Manage human, equipment, and material resources, including availability, cost, and task assignments Adjust the project to optimize for the project finish date, budget, and resource allocation Use Microsoft Project to manage waterfall or agile projects Ideal for anyone seeking to unlock the potential of Microsoft's leading project management software for their own project work, Microsoft Project Fundamentals is an essential resource for those new to Microsoft Project and project management, as well as previous users and seasoned project professionals looking for a refresher in the latest features of the newest version of Microsoft Project.

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Money like you mean it : personal finance tactics for the real world / Alini, Erica.

"Wrestle debt to the ground, determine if you can actually afford a house, and decide whether a side gig is really worth the effort. Get a job, buy a house, spend less than you make, and retire at sixty-five. That’s advice for a world that has largely disappeared. Even good jobs today often have no guarantee of stability. Homeownership is slipping out of reach. Meanwhile, student debt drags you down just as you try to take off in life. To survive and thrive in today’s reality, you need a whole new personal finance toolkit. Global News money reporter Erica Alini blends the big picture with practical advice to give you a deeper understanding of the economic forces shaping your money struggles and how to overcome them. Packed with concrete tips, Money Like You Mean It tackles all the basics: from debt through investing and retirement to starting a family. It’s the essential roadmap you need to make it in the current economy."

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On the line : a story of class, solidarity, and two women's epic fight to build a union / Pitkin, Daisy

"The story of two dedicated women, a labor organizer and an immigrant laundry worker, coming together to spearhead an audacious campaign to unionize one of the most dangerous industries in one of the most anti-union states-Arizona-and offering a nuanced look at the modern-day labor movement and the future of workers' rights"--Provided by publisher.

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Play it right : the remarkable story of a gambler who beat the odds on Wall Street / Gupta, Kamal.

The author chronicles his journey from a professional gambler to an insider in the world of investment banks and hedge funds.

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Principles for dealing with the changing world order / Dalio, Ray
Subtitle from cover:
Examines history's most turbulent economic and political periods to reveal why the times ahead will likely be radically different from those in recent memory.

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QuickBooks online for dummies / Ringstrom, David H.

Introduction -- Part 1: Getting started with QBO and QBOA -- Presenting QuickBooks Online -- Embracing QuickBooks Online -- Part 2: Managing your books -- Creating a QuickBooks Online company -- Managing list information -- Dealing with the outflow of money -- Managing the inflow of money -- Working in registers -- Handling bank and credit card transactions -- Paying employees and contractors -- Part 3: Reporting and analysis -- Evaluating how the business is doing -- Analyzing QuickBooks data in Excel -- Part 4: Working in QuickBooks Online accountant -- Setting up shop in QuickBooks Online Accountant -- Adding companies to the QB Accountant client list -- Exploring a client's company from QB Accountant -- Working in a client's company -- Using Accountant tools -- Automating QuickBooks analysis with Power Query -- Part 5: The part of tens -- Ten ways to use Chrome effectively -- Appendix. QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Desktop, and data conversion.

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Reading financial reports / Epstein, Lita
Reading financial reports for dummies
Corporation reports
Financial statements

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Reboot your portfolio : 9 steps to successful investing with ETFs / Bortolotti, Dan

Exchange traded funds
Finance, Personal
Finance, Personal -- Canada.
Portfolio management

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Safe haven : investing for financial storms / Spitznagel, Mark

"Safe Haven Investing seeks to answer the question: what is the safest thing to invest your money in? Which investments can withstand a crash? Mark ultimately argues that an equity tail hedge is the one safe haven that is as good as--and even better than--gold. Mark will work through other areas that are typically considered safe, like farmland and real estate, before showing the reader how to align his/her portfolio to withstand a potential crash. Topics covered include: What is a safe haven investment and how do they fit in a portfolio? Silver and gold ; Real Estate, Art, & Farmland ; Dividends & Hedge Funds ; Derivatives & Tail Hedging ; What you, as an investor, should ultimately do"

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Separation agreement / Greig, David R.

"If you and your spouse choose to live apart, you each have certain rights and obligations that can be settled by agreement - or be determined by the courts. A separation agreement is a must. Calm discussion of these issues and the preparation of a contract settling your arrangement can help you avoid costly and traumatic court attendances and help make any future divorce proceedings go more smoothly. Separation Agreement is designed to help you avoid litigation over family assets, maintenance, and custody by making you address the issues and write down your agreement in a clear and concise manner."--

Find accurate phone-verified information on every company in Canada in this database of 1.9 million businesses. Additionally their files are processed monthly against the National Change of Address Program.

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Research 11 million Canadian households with the largest database available. Records are 100% publicly sourced to comply with Canadian privacy laws.

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Provides access to specialized reference sources that used to be only available in library. eBooks available in this collection are: Gale Encyclopedia of Cancer; Gale Encyclopedia of Genetic Disorders; Gale Encyclopedia of Medicine; Gale Encyclopedia of Nursing and Allied Health; Scholarships, Fellowships, and Loans, 22nd ed.; and Nonfiction Literature Classics for Students.

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LinkedIn Learning (previously called Lynda.com) gives users free access to thousands of video tutorial courses with a focus on such areas as technology, software development, business skills, project management as well as creative skills like animation and video editing. The courses are taught by recognized industry experts who will guide you along in learning the skills you need for your personal and professional development. How to use LinkedIn Learning

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Scott’s Canadian Business Directory lists Canadian manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors, sales agents and business services providers. This information is updated annually.

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Self-serve standard products available on the Statistics Canada website ― including CANSIM and census data products ― are now free of charge. This is an open resource for everyone and not VPL-subscribed.

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