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Experience Vaughan

Enjoy time with your family and explore your community! Experience Vaughan provides free family passes to local cultural, educational and recreational facilities in and around Vaughan. Passes are available at Maple Library, Dufferin Clark Library, and Woodbridge Library. Please see the rules and conditions below for details.

Current attractions with community partners include:

Vaughan Public Libraries and its partners are reducing barriers for Vaughan residents by providing access to establishments that residents may not otherwise be able to visit on their own.

Rules and Conditions:

  • To take out a pass, customers need to present their valid Vaughan Public Libraries' card.
  • Passes are limited and will be distributed only at the libraries listed and on a first come first served basis.
  • New passes will be available every Friday morning.
  • Pass packages are limited to one per household per week. Customers are limited to one pass package per attraction every three months, subject to availability.
  • Most venues provide access for up to two adults and up to three children. Please review the pass for specific information as well as for closures, blackout dates, etc.
  • Each pass is good for one visit to one venue only.
  • Passes cannot be renewed or reserved.
  • Passes are for family use only and may not be misused, transferred, or resold.
  • Kortright passes will need to return to the library. Other passes do not have to be returned to the library but may be submitted to the venue.
  • Passes are free. There will not be a fine for any Kortright passes that are returned late or lost, however, any pass that is 7 days or more past due will be rendered invalid.