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Are you Sara? : a novel / Lalli, S. C.

College students -- Fiction
Female friendship -- Fiction
Suspense fiction

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Black rose / Lukeman, Alex

A lethal plague resurrected from the bones of the dead is stolen from a secret biological warfare lab hidden in the mountains of North Korea. There is no cure and it's one hundred percent fatal. If it gets loose, millions will die. The men who have it want to reduce the world's population and bring down the global economy as part of a plan to establish world dominance. Nick Carter and Selena Conner of the Project are up against their old nemesis, a centuries old conspiracy called AEON. This time, Director Elizabeth Harker is determined to eliminate AEON once and for all. It's touch and go as events build toward the final confrontation, with no certainty that things will turn out well. Along the way, dark secrets from Selena's past come to light. The Project team takes on another dangerous mission, with no guarantee that any of them will survive.

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Children of sugarcane / Joseph, Joanne.

Vividly set against the backdrop of 19th century India and the British-owned sugarcane plantations of Natal, written with great tenderness and lyricism, Children of Sugarcane paints an intimate and wrenching picture of indenture told from a woman's perspective. Shanti, a bright teenager stifled by life in rural India and facing an arranged marriage, dreams that South Africa is an opportunity to start afresh. The Colony of Natal is where Shanti believes she can escape the poverty, caste, and the traumatic fate of young girls in her village. Months later, after a harrowing sea voyage, she arrives in Natal and realises life there is full of hardship and labour. Spanning four decades and two continents, Children of Sugarcane illustrates the lifegiving power of love, the indestructible bonds between family and friends, heroism, and how the ultimate sacrifice becomes Shanti's greatest redemption.

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Conqueror's blood / Akhtar, Zamil.

The Kingdom of Alanya is home to mystic warriors and mischievous djinns, vulgar poets and vain philosophers, soaring simurghs and scheming shahs. Little do the people know that a power struggle between an ancient sorceress and an upstart sultana threatens to bathe the sands in bile and bones. A bloody cauldron boils, and primeval gods laugh whilst they stir it. As warhorses charge, arrows shower, and cannon shots brighten the night, all must choose a side.

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Dark sins / Byrd, Charlotte.

Romantic suspense fiction

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Dreams of the dying / Lietzau, Nicolas.

Years after a harrowing war experience, ex-mercenary Jespar Dal'Varek has taken to drifting. It's a lonely existence, but barring the occasional bout of melancholia, he has found the closest thing to peace a man like him deserves. Life is "all right." Or so he believes. Hoping to turn the page, Jespar accepts a mysterious invitation into the beautiful but dangerous archipelago of Kilay--and everything changes. Plagued by boiling social tensions and terrorism, the tropical empire is edging ever closer to civil war. Kilay's merchant king is the only person able to prevent this catastrophe, but he has fallen into a preternatural coma--and it's Jespar's task to figure out what or who caused it. As the investigation takes him across the archipelago and into the king's nightmares, unexpected events not only tie Jespar's own life to the mystery but also unearth inner demons he believed to be exorcised long ago. Battling old trauma while fighting for his life, his sanity, and the fate of Kilay, the line between dream and reality blurs until only one question remains: If your mind is the enemy, where do you run?

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Immodest / Einat, L.S.

In a world ruled by strict traditions and laws, one brave woman is willing to risk everything to earn her freedom. Perele, a young Jewish woman, was raised in an extreme Ultra-orthodox society. When she turns eighteen and her parents have a hard time finding a match for her, she is thrown into the arms of a cold and violent man, who makes her life unbearable. A forbidden chance encounter with a man and the feelings that ensue, make her begin to question everything she has ever known - and even consider that maybe, she does not have to choose this life that has been thrust upon her. But she knows that once she makes a drastic decision, there will be no way back into the arms of the Jewish community.

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Marappaiyaa / Vijayaseelan, Janaath.

Aathi can't make new memories. His first love is the one that got away. Will a new day prompt a new start that brings the lovers together?For Aathi, meeting Diya was love at first sight. No matter how hard he tried, though, life always got in the way of his attempts to deepen the relationship. So he cherished their friendship and resigned himself to the fate of never having the woman he loved. Until Fate changed its mind... An unexpected illness alters the course of his life forever. Diya walks back into his life after nearly a decade apart, but Aathi won't remember it when he wakes tomorrow. Is he doomed to lose her over and over again? Or will the pair that never fell out of love find a way against all odds? Can happily ever after survive their pasts and bring them the future they've always dreamed of?

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Mushoku tensei. 8 = Jobless reincarnation. 8 / Magonote, Rifujin Na
Jobless reincarnation.
Demonology -- Fiction
Fantasy fiction
Magic -- Fiction
Reincarnation -- Fiction
Wizards -- Fiction

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Nosy Parker / Crewe, Lesley

"It's 1967 in Montreal, the Expo is in full swing, and Audrey Parker has just moved with her dad to Notre-Dame-de-Gr{circ}ace, a whole new neighbourhood full of different kinds of people to spy on. Audrey is a lot of things: articulate, disarming, forthright. And, as her father reminds her often, indecently nosy. Audrey scribbles every observation down in her notebooks?́?from which foods her new teacher eats for lunch, to how blue the water is in Greece, to what time the one-legged man across the street gets home. She is certain she will soon root out a murderer or uncover a mystery. But there's only one mystery that really matters to her: her mother. Who was she? How did she die? Why won't her father ever talk about her? Over a year of Audrey's life, we bike with her through the streets of NDG, encountering stray animals, free-range kids, and adults both viciously cruel and wonderful. And we walk with Audrey across the threshold from childhood to adolescence, where she will discover the truth about her mother."--Provided by publisher.