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Better than the movies / Painter, Lynn.

Michael, to whom Liz Buxbaum gave her heart long ago, has returned but to get his attention and, perhaps, a prom date she must scheme with her nemesis Wes, her next-door neighbor.

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Venom & vow / Mclemore, Anna-Marie
Venom and vow
Teenagers Cade McKenna, a transgender prince doubling for his brother, and lady-in-waiting Valencia Palafox/boy assassin Gael Palma, thanks to their concealed identities, do not realize they are simultaneously falling for and trying to destroy each other.

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Unexpecting : a novel / Bailey, J. Leigh

Openly gay sixteen-year-old Ben must make difficult decisions when his experiment to prove he is gay leads to his best friend Maxie becoming pregnant.

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Earth called / Cast, P. C.

"In this last installment of the Tales of a New World series, love and goodness are put to the ultimate test as gods, humans, and animals come together to save everything they hold dear"--

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The lightstruck / Mara, Sunya.

"Vesper Vale sacrificed everything to save her city from the cursed storm. After becoming a vessel of The Great Queen, Vesper awakes from a slumber three years after her life altering choice. What she finds isn't a home freed from the terror of the storm, but one where its citizens are besieged by the even more sinister force of The Great King and his growing army of the lightstruck--once regular citizens who are now controlled by the ominous light encroaching on the city. And the people are all looking to Vesper, now revered as a goddess after her sacrifice, as their city's only hope. To save the rings from the Great King, Vesper must contend with the obligations of being a deity to her people and the growing chasm between her and Dalca, the prince she swore never to love. Haunted by the guilt of their past choices and faced with the pressures of a city near ruin, Vesper and Dalca find themselves torn between the growing factions within the city and the royal court. But in order to save her city from the light, Vesper must face the power most outside of her control-the goddess within" --

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Wish of the wicked / Paige, Danielle (Novelist)

Sixteen-year-old Farrow hatches a dangerous plan to seek revenge on Queen Magrit and regain her magic, but when Farrow finds herself falling for the one person who could ruin everything, she must decide whether it is more important to live in the past or forge a new future.

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This dark descent / Josephson, Kalyn.

Mikira, a seventeen-year-old daughter of a famous horse breeder, takes part in a magical horserace to save her family, and enlists the help of Arielle, a talented, black-market enchanter, and Damien, a young lord involved in a succession battle, who both have their own motives for helping her.

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Gwen & Art are not in love / Croucher, Lex.
Gwen and Art are not in love
In medieval England, the bickering, bethroved duo, Arthur and Gwen, find common ground in their secret romantic interests, leading them to form an unexpected alliance while navigating Camelot's summer festivities.

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Those Pink Mountain nights / Ferguson, Jenny

"In her remarkable second novel following her Governor General's Award-winning debut, The Summer of Bitter and Sweet, Jen Ferguson writes about the hurt of a life stuck in past tense, the hum of connections that cannot be severed, and one week in a small, snowy town that changes everything. Overachievement isn't a bad word--for Berlin, it's the goal. She's securing excellent grades, planning her future, and working a part-time job at Pink Mountain Pizza, a legendary local business. Who says she needs a best friend by her side? Dropping out of high school wasn't smart--but it was necessary for Cameron. Since his cousin Kiki's disappearance, it's hard enough to find the funny side of life, especially when the whole town has forgotten Kiki. To them, she's just another missing Native girl. People at school label Jessie a tease, a rich girl--and honestly, she's both. But Jessie knows she contains multitudes. Maybe her new job crafting pizzas will give her the high-energy outlet she desperately wants. When the weekend at Pink Mountain Pizza takes several unexpected turns, all three teens will have to acknowledge the various ways they've been hurt--and how much they need each other to hold it all together. Jen Ferguson burst onto the YA scene with her first novel, which was a William C. Morris Award Finalist and a Stonewall Award Honor Book, and this second novel fulfills her promise as one of the most thoughtful and exciting YA writers today."--

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Champion of fate / Blake, Kendare

"Aristene are an order of mythical female warriors. Though heroes might be immortalized in legends, it's the Aristene who guide their paths to victory. They are the Heromakers. Raised by the order after being orphaned, Reed grew up surrounded by her future sisters-in-arms and the incredible stories of their quests. She's been counting the days until her initiation, and now one final test stands in her way: shepherding her first hero to glory on the battlefield. Succeed, and her place in the order is secured. Fail, and she'll be cast out of the only home she's ever known. But Reed didn't count on Hestion, her assigned hero, being both infuriating and intriguing. When their strategic alliance turns into something more, it forces Reed to question the cost of becoming an Aristene. As battle looms and fate hangs in the balance, Reed must make an impossible choice: her hero or her order"--