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Algorithmic thinking : a problem-based introduction / Zingaro, Daniel.

"An introduction to solving problems with algorithms and data structures, using competitive programming examples. Topics covered include recursion, dynamic programming, graphs, greedy algorithms, heaps, hash tables, segment trees, and other data structures for efficiently handling data"--Provided by publisher.

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Breaking and entering : the extraordinary story of a hacker called "Alien" / Smith, Jeremy N.

"This taut, true thriller takes a deep dive into a dark world that touches us all, as seen through the brilliant, breakneck career of an extraordinary hacker - a woman known only as Alien"--Provided by publisher.

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Coders : the making of a new tribe and the remaking of the world / Thompson, Clive

"From acclaimed tech writer Clive Thompson, a brilliant and immersive anthropological reckoning with the most powerful tribe in the world today, computer programmers - where they come from, how they think, what makes for greatness in their world, and what should give us pause"--Provided by publisher.

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Cracking the coding interview : 189 programming questions and solutions / Mcdowell, Gayle Laakmann
One hundred and eighty-nine programming questions and solutions
"I am not a recruiter. I am a software engineer. And as such, I know what it's like to be asked to whip up brilliant algorithms on the spot and then write flawless code on a whiteboard. I've been through this as a candidate and as an interviewer. This book will teach you what you need to know and enable you to perform at your very best. I've coached and interviewed hundreds of software engineers. The result is this book. Learn how to uncover the hints and hidden details in a question, discover how to break down a problem into manageable chunks, develop techniques to unstick yourself when stuck, learn (or re-learn) core computer science concepts, and practice on interview questions and solutions. These interview questions are real; they are not pulled out of computer science textbooks. They reflect what's truly being asked at the top companies, so that you can be as prepared as possible. Includes programming interview questions, ranging from the basics to the trickiest algorithm problems. A walk-through of how to derive each solution, so that you can learn how to get there yourself. Hints on how to solve each of the questions, just like what you would get in a real interview. Five proven strategies to tackle algorithm questions, so that you can solve questions you haven't seen. Extensive coverage of essential topics, such as big O time, data structures, and core algorithms. A behind the scenes look at how top companies like Google and Facebook hire developers. Techniques to prepare for and ace the soft side of the interview: behavioral questions. For interviewers and companies: details on what makes a good interview question and hiring process"--Provided by publisher.

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Cybersecurity for dummies / Steinberg, Joseph

Computer networks -- Security measures
Computer security

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Elements of programming interviews in Java : the insiders' guide / Aziz, Adnan.

Computer algorithms
Computer engineering -- Vocational guidance.
Computer engineers -- Employment.
Employment interviewing -- Mathematical models -- Handbooks, manuals, etc.
Software engineering -- Management

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Help your kids with computer coding : a unique step-by-step visual guide, from binary code to building games
Computer coding
Computer programming
Computer programming -- Study and teaching
Computers and children
Python (Computer program language)
Scratch (Computer program language)

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Office 365 all-in-one for dummies / Warner, Timothy L.
Microsoft Office 365 all-in-one for dummies
Business -- Computer programs
Cloud computing
Groupware (Computer software)
Integrated software
Microsoft Office

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Web development with Clojure : build large, maintainable web applications interactively / Brown, Scot.

Stop developing web apps with yesterday’s tools. Today, developers are increasingly adopting Clojure as a web-development platform. See for yourself what makes Clojure so desirable, as you work hands-on and build a series of web apps of increasing size and scope, culminating in a professional grade web app using all the techniques you’ve learned along the way. This fully updated third edition will get you up to speed on the changes in the rapidly evolving Clojure ecosystem — the many new libraries, tools, and best practices. Build a fully featured SPA app with re-frame, a popular front-end framework for ClojureScript supporting a functional style MVC approach for managing the UI state in Single-Page Application-style applications. Gain expertise in the popular Ring/Compojure stack using the Luminus framework. Learn how Clojure works with databases and speeds development of RESTful services. See why ClojureScript is rapidly becoming a popular front-end platform, and use ClojureScript with the popular re-frame library to build single-page applications. Whether you’re already familiar with Clojure or completely new to the language, you’ll be able to write web applications with Clojure at a professional level.