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A taste of whale / Kelner, Vincent.

"Every year, 700 pilot whales are slaughtered on the Faroe Islands despite the protests of animal rights activists"--www.imdb.com.

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A-ha, the movie / Robsahm, Thomas

"Follows the band on tour, telling the full story of how three young men followed their impossible dream of becoming Norwegian pop stars. When Take On Me reached number 1 on Billboard in the US in 1985 the dream came true. Or did it?"--www.imdb.com.

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American horses / Pullman, Bill

"The history of unique American horse breeds, including the mustang, Appaloosa, Morgan and quarter horse, that helped shape the nation and the people who continue the tradition of caring for them"--from www.imdb.com.

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Benjamin Franklin / Burns, Ken

"Exploring the life and work of writer and publisher, scientist and inventor, diplomat and signer of both the Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution: Benjamin Franklin"--from www.imdb.com.

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Boarders : following four British skateboarders aiming to qualify / Fee, Sean.

"Following a group of British skateboarders on their journey towards Tokyo 2020, where skateboarding will make its debut as an Olympic sport, Boarders tells the story of skateboarding in the UK - from arriving in the early 70s all the way to its current-day popularity and rise to become an Olympic sport"--www.imdb.com.

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Citizen four / Poitras, Laura

Documentary films
Electronic surveillance -- United States
Espionage -- United States
Films for the hearing impaired
Leaks (Disclosure of information) -- United States.
Official secrets -- United States -- History.
Snowden, Edward J., 1983-
United States. National Security Agency
Whistle blowing -- United States

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GameStop : rise of the players / Goodlight (Firm)

"The David-and-Goliath story about the group of amateur investors who bought stock in the failing video game chain, GameStop"--www.imdb.com.

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Girls can't surf / Cooper, Jodie.
Girls cannot surf
"It's the 1980s and the world of professional surfing is a circus of fluro colours, peroxide hair and radical male egos. Girls can't surf follows the journey of a band of renegade surfers who took on the male-dominated professional surfing world to achieve equality and change the sport forever. Featuring surfing greats Jodie Cooper, Frieda Zamba, Pauline Menczer, Lisa Andersen, Pam Burridge, Wendy Botha, Layne Beachley and more, Girls can't surf is a wild ride of clashing personalities, sexism, adventure and heartbreak, with each woman fighting against the odds to make their dreams of competing a reality"--www.imdb.com.

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Great mammoth mystery / Attenborough, David

"Sir David Attenborough drops in for tea at the modest suburban home of Neville and Sally Hollingworth, both amateur fossil hunters in southern England. He's there to look at some of the unusual objects that decorate their living room, including giant tusks and massive molars that belonged to extinct mammoths and a hand-axe shaped by Neanderthals. Neville and Sally spotted these remains lying in a nearby gravel quarry, which led a team of paleontologists and archaeologists to undertake a major excavation. They soon discovered that the site preserved exceptional traces of the extinct beasts and the humans that populated Britain over 200,000 years ago, during the Ice Age. What skills did the early humans have to help them survive the frigid climate? Did they have the tools and talent to hunt giant beasts like mammoths? Featuring hands-on experiments with replicas of Neanderthal-era spears and stone tools, NOVA brings the world of prehistoric Britain vividly to life."--Container.

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Hello, bookstore / Greenwich Entertainment (Firm)

"In the shadow of the pandemic, a small town rallies to protect a beloved local bookstore"--www.imdb.com.