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Let's make a friend! / Guendelsberger, Erin

Join Elmo and some of his Sesame Street friends to find out the best way to make friends.

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Playtime for Peppa and George / Astley, Neville

Peppa Pig (Fictitious character) -- Fiction.
Picture books for children.
Play -- Fiction.
Radio and television novels.
Siblings -- Fiction.
Swine -- Fiction.

Mr. Worry / Hargreaves, Roger
Mister Worry
Mr. Worry meets a wizard who tries to help him stop worrying about everything.

Little Miss Neat / Hargreaves, Roger

When Little Miss Neat returns to Twopin Cottage from her holiday, she can see that Mr. Muddle has been there for tea.

Little Miss Inventor / Hargreaves, Adam

Little Miss Inventor loves to invent things for her friends.

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Zebra's umbrella / Allepuz, Anuska

"With the first drops of rain, Zebra opens his colorful umbrella. He invites Gazelle, Rhinoceros, Elephant and Hare under so they don't get wet. Lion doesn't want to get wet either. Will there be room for everyone under the Zebra umbrella? A lovely story about friendship, kindness and sharing."--Amazon.

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This book will get you to sleep! / John, Jory

"Attention, reader: This book is going to make you tired! It will calm you down! Yes, this book will put you to sleep! How? Easy. There are monster trucks dashing across the pages. There are sheep being chased by dragons. There are electric guitars wailing throughout. Plus so much more! Yep. All the typical stuff that makes you sleepy. So ... are you asleep yet? No? Well, maybe another method would work better ... So read on, and it's guaranteed you'll start to snooze!"--Provided by publisher.

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One springy day / Butterworth, Nick

Animals -- Fiction
Foxes -- Fiction.
Hide-and-seek -- Fiction.
Picture books for children.
Percy (Fictitious character : Butterworth) -- Fiction.

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Naming ceremony / Mohammed, Jenin.

It is time for her baby sister's naming ceremony, and Amira has a name picked out, but as friends and family pronounce the names they have brought, Amira starts to wonder if her chosen name is really the blessing she thought it was. Includes a note about West African tradition of the naming ceremony.

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Sorry, snail / Subisak, Tracy

A girl takes out her anger on an innocent snail, who, in turn, seeks a sincere apology.