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Star Wars : absolutely everything you need to know / Bray, Adam

The updated edition of this bestseller with fascinating facts and fun trivia from everyone's favourite galaxy far, far away.

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Battle royale / Bolster, Rob
Who would win?, battle royale
Killer whale vs. great white shark -- Rhino vs. hippo -- Tyrannosaurus rex vs. velociraptor -- Wolverine vs. Tasmanian devil -- Alligator vs. python.

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Iguanodon / Gunasekara, Mignonne.

Iguanodon got its name because its discoverer thought its teeth looked like the teeth of an iguana--but much bigger! This plant-eating reptile was just the second dinosaur ever discovered. Scientists have learned a lot about Iguanodon since then. Besides presenting many fascinating facts about the big creature, this volume provides valuable information about Earth at the time of the dinosaurs as well as how paleontologists figure out how dinosaurs looked and lived. Readers will gain a better understanding of the prehistoric world through the many fossil photographs, Iguanodon images, and graphic elements--including a final fun activity.

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This is why we pray : a story about Islam, salah, and dua / Jaleel, Aaliya.

"Join Aliya and Amar as their Mama and Papa tell them all about the Five Pillars-especially salah. One of the most engaging Islamic books for kids, this book helps you learn what it means to pray, discover how it helps you grow closer to Allah, and hear awesome stories from the Quran that teach even more about the importance of salah"--Provided by publisher.

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Extinction planet / Claybourne, Anna
Subtitle from cover:
Think of all the animals and plants on Earth today. There are millions! But, in the history of Earth there are many more that have gone extinct. In this colorful volume, readers get a crash course in how and why a species may become extinct. Including understandable information about what scientists believe happened when life began, evolution, the dinosaurs, and how all of these plays a role in the ecosystems of today, this book is essential to the young reader's science library.

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Britannica first big book of why / Drimmer, Stephanie Warren
First big book of why
"Britannica's huge, authoritative, and lavishly illustrated question and answer book will satisfy even the most curious kids, with over 100 questions verified by Britannica experts. Spanning a range of topics including animals, the body, machines, space, and more, this book provides clear and accessible explanations--and even explores some of the mysteries that experts are still trying to solve!"--Amazon.

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Usborne economics for beginners / Bryan, Lara
Economics for beginners
Nobody has everything they need, all the time - so how can we make do with what we have? Economics is all about understanding the choices we make to solve this problem. With bright infographics, this informative book describes why markets are so important, how businesses work out what to sell, and how governments choose how to run a country. Includes Usborne Quicklinks to specially selected websites for more information.

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Wow in the world : wow in the wild : the amazing world of animals / Raz, Guy
Wow in the wild
"Based on their #1 kids podcast, Wow in the World, hosts Mindy Thomas and Guy Raz take readers on a hilarious, fact-filled, and highly illustrated journey through the animal kingdom! Feathers, fins, fur, feet--the animal kingdom is made up of nearly 9 million known species! From flying fish to flightless birds, each living creature has a unique role to play in the life of planet Earth. In this book, Mindy Thomas and Guy Raz, hosts of the mega-popular kids' podcast Wow in the World, will take you on a fact-filled adventure to explore the funniest and most fascinating animals known to humankind." --Amazon.

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Too much trash : how litter is hurting animals / Galat, Joan Marie

Habitat conservation
Habitat (Ecology)
Human-animal relationships
Nature -- Effect of human beings on
Refuse and refuse disposal

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Indigenous ingenuity : a celebration of traditional North American knowledge / Kay, Edward

A middle grade survey book celebrating North American Indigenous knowledge and Native contributions to contemporary STEM.