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Healthy Aging Series
  • This series explores a different topic each week using research and evidence-based approaches to empower seniors on their journey towards healthy aging. Join us in person or on Zoom. Register on Eventbrite.

    Presented Dr. Shilpi Gupta, a Biologist and Science Communicator.

    Each session will delve into essential topics that contribute to seniors' overall well-being, providing valuable insights that can positively impact their lives.

    With a focus on evidence-based strategies, we aim to equip seniors with practical tools and knowledge that can lead to improved health and increased happiness. By leveraging the power of scientific research, seniors will gain a deeper understanding of the factors that influence their well-being and discover effective ways to incorporate evidence-based practices into their daily lives.

    1. Sleep and Rest: Enhancing Sleep Quality for optimal health
    2. Brain Health: Science-Informed Techniques for Optimal Function
    3. Mobility and Aging: Science-Backed Strategies for Physical Well-being
    4. Building Mental Resilience: Evidence-Based Strategies for Emotional Well-being
    5. Gut Health: Science-Based Approaches for Well-being



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