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Avocadomania : everything about avocados from Aztec delicacy to superfood : recipes, skincare, lore, & more / Holtz, Déborah

"From social media to hipster menus, avocados are trending, and this utterly original cookbook from the avocado's native Mexico celebrates the fruit that went from Aztec aphrodisiac to twenty-first-century clean-eating superfood"--Provided by publisher.

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Baking bread with kids : trusty recipes for magical homemade bread / Hale, Alanna

Making truly excellent bread can be so simple and fun, and any kid can learn the art and science of mixing, folding, proofing, and baking. From sandwich breads, like Honey Whole Wheat and fluffy Milk Bread to buttery brioche rolls, puffy pita, and chewy baguettes to other grain-based favorites, like fresh flour tortillas, pizza dough, and cornbread, Baking Bread with Kids includes more than twenty recipes for aspiring bread bakers. Each recipe is organized into clear and easy-to-follow instructions and accompanied by beautiful illustrations depicting each step, perfect for school-age readers or younger kids accompanied by an adult in the kitchen. Baking Bread with Kids is the definitive bread book for learning to make delicious loaves and treats that everyone will enjoy.

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Modern Asian baking at home : essential sweet and savory recipes for milk bread, mochi, mooncakes, and more ; inspired by the Subtle Asian Baking community / Lieu, Kat.

Inspired by the global 'Subtle Asian' community, Modern Asian Baking at Home features exciting, contemporary Asian-inspired ingredients and techniques bakers of all levels will want to add to their repertoires.

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Fermented hot sauce cookbook : a step-by-step guide to making hot sauce from scratch / Purcell, Andrew

Cooking (Hot pepper sauces)
Cooking (Spices)
Hot pepper sauces

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Baked to perfection : delicious gluten-free recipes with a pinch of science / Cermelj, Katarina.

From proper crusty bread, pillowy soft cinnamon rolls and glorious layered cakes to fudgy brownies, incredibly flaky rough puff pastry and delicate patisserie--everything that once seemed impossible to make gluten-free can now be baked by you. Baked to Perfection begins with a thorough look at the gluten-free baking basics: how different gluten-free flours behave, which store-bought blends work best, and how to mix your own to suit your needs. Covering cakes, brownies, cookies, pastry and bread in turn, Katarina shares the best techniques for the recipes in that chapter, and each recipe is accompanied by expert tips, useful scientific explanations and occasional step-by-step photography to help you achieve gluten-free perfection.

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Sundays : a celebration of breakfast and family in 52 essential recipes / Pupo, Mark.

A cookbook with a memoir at its heart--about breakfast, the joy of a father and son cooking together, and how we show love through food. Breakfast may be the most important meal of the day, but it's also the most intimate and personal. It’s when we’re in our pyjamas and with our families, not quite ready to face the world. It's what we crave when we want comfort and it's the easiest way to turn us back into kids again. Mark Pupo got into the habit of preparing big breakfasts every Sunday with his neurodivergent kindergartener, Sam. Everything else in life was tough and complicated, but making breakfast together was weirdly easy. (It turned out Sam loved to crack eggs, and he was really good at it.) In the kitchen, the pressure was off and they had all the time in the world to goof around. This book is a record of that first year of a father and son cooking together--of what became their weekend ritual. Filled with playful illustrations and 52 recipes for a full year of weekend breakfasts, Sundays is a journey through Mark and Sam's morning adventures. Starting with simpler challenges, like Toast Soldiers and Almond Butter Overnight Oats, it builds to Mark's favourite inspired dishes, including Eggnog French Toast Bake, Pumpkin Spice Pancakes, Cheddar Polenta Cakes, and Saucy Poached Eggs with Feta. Mark also revisits his own childhood breakfast obsessions (Pop-Tarts, egg sandwiches, and the elusive perfect bagel, to name a few), and along the way explores the surprising origins of breakfast staples. By turns witty, charming, frank, and filled with delicious breakfast ideas, this book is for anyone who wishes every morning began with a stack of pancakes. Sundays is an infectious celebration of the most important meal of the day and the most important people in our lives.

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Cooking for the culture : recipes and stories from the streets of New Orleans to the table / Boudy, Toya.

Toya Boudy's father grew up in the Magnolia projects of New Orleans; her mother shared a tight space with five siblings uptown. They worked hard, rotated shifts, and found time to make meals from scratch for the family. In Cooking for the Culture, Boudy shares these recipes, many of which are deeply rooted in the proud Black traditions that shaped her hometown. Driving the cookbook are her personal stories: from struggling in school to having a baby at sixteen, from her growing confidence in the kitchen to her appearances on Food Network. The cookbook opens with Sweet Cream Farina, prepared at the crack of dawn for girls in freshly ironed clothes--being neat and pressed was important. Boudy recounts making cookies from her commodity box peanut butter; explains the know-how behind Smothered Chicken, Jambalaya, and Red Gravy; and shares her original television competition recipes. The result is a deeply personal and unique cookbook.

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Win son presents a Taiwanese American cookbook / Erway, Cathy.
Taiwanese American cookbook
"Josh Ku, born in Queens to parents from southern Taiwan, and Trigg Brown, a native Virginian whose mentor was a Taiwanese-American chef, forged a friendship over food-specifically, excellent tsang ying tou, or "flies' head," a dish of chopped budding chives kissed with pork fat. Their obsession with Taiwanese food and culture propelled them to open Win Son together in 2016. The East Williamsburg restaurant quickly established itself as a destination and often incurs long waits for their vibrant and flavorful Taiwanese-American cuisine. Ku and Brown have teamed up with Cathy Erway, Taiwanese food expert and celebrated writer, to create this book which explores and celebrates the cuisine of Taiwan and its ever-simmering pot of creative influences. Told through the eyes, taste buds, travels, and busy lives of Ku, Brown, and Erway, this book brings the cuisine of this misunderstood island nation into the spotlight. With 100 creative, yet accessible recipes, this book will unravel the history of this diaspora cuisine. While featuring classic dishes and well-known favorites, this cookbook also stretches this cuisine's definition, introducing new dishes with brazen twists that are fun, flavorful, and decidedly American-born in style"--Provided by publisher.

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Fake meat : real food for vegan appetites / Moskowitz, Isa Chandra

"The queen of vegan home cooking is back: This time, Isa Chandra Moskowitz guides you through choosing, preparing, and cooking fake meat. If you've ever cooked for a meat lover that whined about a lack of protein, this book is all you need to prove them wrong. From Smoked Beet Cuban Sandwiches to Buttermylk Fried Chicken, Moskowitz will make sure you're set up to impress anyone and everyone. Moskowitz's loyal fans count on her mastery of vegan cooking, unique flavor profiles, frank humor, and punk style to offer guidance on all aspects of vegan cooking. Her recipes may nod to traditional meat dishes, but rest assured, her innovative techniques yield fantastic flavors of their own-arguably more delicious than their predecessors. Whether you're in the mood for an iconic sandwich, a spin on a hearty chicken dinner, or indulging in some Mac & Cheese, Fake Meat will provide you with inspired, plant-based recipes to choose from"--Provided by publisher.

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Eating from our roots : 80+ healthy home-cooked favorites from cultures around the world / Han, Christine

"Eating from Our Roots is a love letter to the globe that celebrates nourishing, flavorful dishes from cultures around the world. A registered dietitian and nutritionist known for her approachable, real-food-based solutions, Maya Feller highlights the nourishing roots of foods from regions including the Caribbean, South America, Africa, the Mediterranean, Asia, and more. She shares thoughtful and realistic ways to think about how we relate to healthy foods, along with nutrition highlights and tips. The standard American Diet is known to be rich in added sugars, salts, and synthetic fats. Eating with flavor and nourishment at the center of our plates supports our health without relying on standard American patterns of eating. You can achieve health by getting back to the traditional cooking methods, with a focus on whole and minimally processed ingredients prepared with spices and flavor-enhancing techniques at home. Maya makes it easy to enjoy the vibrant flavors of your favorite cuisine, whether that's the foods you grew up eating in the family kitchen or new recipes you're discovering for the first time. Recipes like: Red Wine-Braised Fried Chicken with Spiced Honey from West Africa Granny's Callaloo from Trinidad & Tobago Mezze: Cucumber Za'atar Salad, Olive Oil Labneh, and Olives from Lebanon Filipino Pork Adobo from the Philippines Biscuits with Blackberry Cayenne Jam + Chamomile Butter from the American South With more than eighty recipes and beautiful photography throughout, Eating from Our Roots is an approachable, inclusive approach to healthy cooking"--Provided by publisher.