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A primer for forgetting : getting past the past / Hyde, Lewis

What this is -- Notebook I: myth -- Notebook II: self -- Notebook III: nation -- Notebook IV: creator.

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At the center of all beauty : solitude and the creative life / Johnson, Fenton.

"A meditation on solitude as a font of creativity and spirituality. Known for his lyrical prose and clear insight, Fenton Johnson explores what it means to be not "single"-meaningless outside of coupledom-but "solitary," able to be alone, inclined to mine the treasures of inner life. Americans tend to celebrate "fortress marriage," turning an equal right into an omnivorous expectation, marginalizing solitaries as odd, even potentially threatening. Johnson taps into an older tradition embodied by Trappist monks near the Kentucky home where he grew up, and by artists and writers including Paul Cézanne, Walt Whitman, Emily Dickinson, Henry David Thoreau, Henry James, Eudora Welty, Zora Neale Hurston, Rod McKuen, Nina Simone, and Bill Cunningham. Johnson includes his parents, who in workshop or garden found places to be alone; married people, too, can be solitaries in spirit. A hybrid of memoir, inspiration, social criticism, and celebration of the lives of great solitary artists, At the Center of All Beauty will resonate with anyone needing a break from the clamor of "society.""--Provided by publisher.

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Atomic habits / Clear, James
Container subtitle :
Behavior modification
Habit breaking

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Attention : a love story / Schwartz, Casey.

"The author of In the Mind Fields now gives us a comprehensive journalistic exploration of our culture's flagging ability to pay attention, infused with the personal struggles and insights of a woman coming to terms with the demands and distractions of the information age. The average American checks their phone 150 times a day, but we touch our phones about 2,617 times in those same hours. Casey Schwartz wants to understand this change in our lives that seemingly happened without our consent. From attention disorders and medications, mindfulness, psychedelics and creativity, to a brief history of distraction itself, Schwartz acts as our sympathetic and qualified guide. Both validating and galvanizing, Attention examines our lives ruled by distraction. Schwartz's personal attempt to revive her attention ("I'm in as deep as anyone, as splintered, dependent, and distracted. I am jittery and incomplete without my phone") and preserve her authentic life will resonate with readers who also find it very nearly impossible to avoid the pixilated siren call of our screens"--Provided by publisher.

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Be a work in progress : and other things I'd like to tell my younger self / Cena, John

"From the beloved entertainer, #1 New York Times bestselling author, and motivational tweeter comes a beautifully illustrated book of uplifting quotes adapted from his popular Twitter feed. "Be brave enough to embrace humility. The reward will be confidence." In Be a Work in Progress, John Cena encourages readers to be bold, brave, and open-minded, to embrace discomfort, and to make the most of opportunities. Heartfelt and hopeful, this book is the pick-me-up readers will turn to again and again to reap the benefit of his values"--Provided by publisher.

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F*ck like a goddess : heal yourself, reclaim your voice, stand in your power / Roxo, Alexandra.
Fuck like a goddess
Self-actualization (Psychology) in women
Women -- Psychology
Femininity of God.

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Set boundaries, find peace : a guide to reclaiming yourself / Tawwab, Nedra Glover

"Healthy boundaries. We all know we should have them--in order to achieve work/life balance, cope with toxic people, and enjoy rewarding relationships with partners, friends, and family. But what do "healthy boundaries" really mean--and how can we successfully express our needs, say "no," and be assertive without offending others?"--Provided by publisher.

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Stop living on autopilot : take responsibility for your life and rediscover a bolder, happier you / Neves, Antonio.

"A raw and inspiring how-to guide that will help you recommit to your life, find your drive, and take action to stay bold, honest, and accountable for lasting happiness"--Provided by publisher.