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Awakening your inner shaman : a woman's journey of self-discovery through the medicine wheel / Lobos, Marcela

"The stress, conflict, and crises of the outer world are a signal: the time has come to awaken your inner shaman. However, you don't need to be initiated into mystery teachings or become a medicine person to answer the call. In this book, Marcela Lobos reveals how to use the maps of the Medicine Wheel and the hero's journey to activate your inner power and live a self-realized existence of discovery, healing, and wholeness. From her war-torn childhood to her complicated relationships, her training with the shamans of the Andes and the Machi of Chile to her life today as a teacher and medicine woman, Marcela's story provides the reader with real-life context for each step on this ancient and archetypal journey. Through healing, deepening of understanding, transformation, and embodiment, you will learn to walk the Medicine Path to find your own power and inner beauty"--

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From Wall Street to the White House and back : the Scaramucci guide to unbreakable resilience / Scaramucci, Anthony

"Learn from the successes, the fights, and the failures of businessman and former White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci. Have you just been fired? Did that job you were hoping to get not pan out? Did you recently end up embarrassing yourself in a major way in front of people you really wanted to impress? Not to worry. There's a way out of whatever you're going through, and Anthony Scaramucci -- or 'The Mooch,' as he's known to his friends -- is the perfect person to point you in the right direction. Whatever you're going through, he's been through it already. Probably twice. And he's learned a whole lot of lessons along the way. In From Wall Street to the White House and Back, the Mooch sets down twenty-five of these lessons. Along the way, he tells wild tales from his time working in finance, politics, and a few strange places in between. Readers will spend time in the Oval Office with President Donald Trump, visit the Bahamas with the disgraced crypto king Sam Bankman-Fried, and encounter pearls of wisdom from a few other unlikely sources in the world of business, national politics, and publishing. If you're interested in Eminem, Leo Tolstoy, Sigmund Freud, or Tony Robbins -- all of whom are mentioned at least once in these pages -- and you want to learn from the mistakes of one of the all-time great mistake-makers of our age, jump in."--

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Higher purpose : how to find more inspiration, meaning, and purpose in your life / Holden, Robert

In Higher Purpose, Holden explores three distinct levels of purpose: your unique purpose, a shared purpose, and the greater purpose of life. He offers inquiries, meditations, and journaling exercises to help you live your purpose every day. And he shares stories from his own life and conversations with a host of remarkable people: Maya Angelou, Louise Hay, Jean Houston, Matthew Fox, Robert Thurman, Caroline Myss, Andrew Harvey, Wayne Dyer, Oprah Winfrey, and more.

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The confidence map : charting a path from chaos to clarity / Atwater, Peter
Charting a path from chaos to clarity
"A groundbreaking framework for making better decisions by understanding -- and mastering -- confidence. What does our desire for certainty and control have to do with our decision-making? According to behavioral economics pioneer Peter Atwater, the answer is simple: everything. In The Confidence Map, Atwater explores the hidden role of confidence in the choices we make, and why events described as being unprecedented are often entirely predictable -- if we know what to look for. Using compelling stories from the past and present, Atwater shows readers how to apply the same tools he teaches the world's leading institutional investors, corporations, and policymakers to help them make sense of complex situations and optimize strategy. The Confidence Map is a book about why we do what we do, where we can and cannot trust our natural instincts, and how we can make sense of a world that too often feels senseless. Whether you're investing in technology stocks, designing menu items for a fast-food franchise, or running an emergency room, Atwater offers an all-weather guide to avoid psychological traps, spot opportunities, and navigate the road ahead with clarity and purpose"--

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Burned : how business owners can overcome burnout and fuel success / Bee, Julie

"Burned is a step-by-step, practical guide for business owners to overcome, prevent, and leverage burnout in ways that fuel their growth and success"--

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The glow code : a cheat sheet for feeling, looking, and being your best at any age / Mcivor, Michelle

"The Glow Code is an entertaining and engaging lifestyle manual offering concrete, actionable advice from experts across many fields to help women aged 35 and beyond navigate midlife, feel great, and age well. Covering a wide range of magazine topics but with deeper insight and sound advice, this is the cheat sheet for women with minimum free time but maximum ambition to feel, look and live better now, in midlife and beyond"--

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Grief is a sneaky bitch : an uncensored guide to navigating loss / Keefauver, Lisa

"Grief. We've all experienced it. And if we're lucky, we've had support to find our way through it. In her book Grief is a Sneaky Bitch, Lisa Keefauver wants to provide that support through her expertise as a social worker and her own deeply personal experience of loss. Keefauver's advice is framed around the concept of the 5 Ws of grief: why you are grieving, what type of grief, who is grieving, where grief comes from and where it goes, and when we grieve. Building from her podcast of the same name, Keefauver asserts that we live in a grief-illiterate world and offers her readers "a place, time, and space to be seen, validated, and accompanied in your grief." The book is organized into short, manageable parts that address themes like time, relationships with others, stories, and grief skills. It is designed to be flexible, so the book can be read from cover to cover or readers can choose the pieces that will help them best since chapters have been crafted to be read in any order"--

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It was you all along / Russ, 1992-

"The book addresses the question posed by the subtitle -- what if you’re the one you’ve been waiting for? -- a line from Russ’s first album inspired by his mother’s advice. Success comes from loving and believing in yourself and working hard regardless of obstacles and naysayers. Published in conjunction with his tour of the same name, It Was You All Along expands on themes found in Russ’s music and across his albums, and each chapter title takes the name of a track. Russ has always followed his own beat -- and shows you how to find your own unique rhythm, offering motivational wisdom on everything from trust, discipline, and letting go to authenticity, joy, and faith. Packed with moving observances, It Was You All Along gives fans a rare look into the man behind the music and the challenges he continues to face both personally and as an independent artist. Russ gets deeply personal in these pages, revealing how seeing a therapist helped him understand his relationship with his family and realize that he was so overly focused on helping everyone in his orbit when the person who needed his attention most was himself. Russ uses his immense passion, his experiences, and his love for people to inspire us all. His honesty and straightforwardness will convince even the most reluctant reader that the answer can always be found within. An artist known for his powerful lyrics, Russ uses his songwriting gifts to craft prose that is moving, memorable, and motivational."--

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True to you : a therapist's guide to stop pleasing others and start being yourself / Smith, Kathleen

"When's the last time you felt as composed as you portray to your boss, family and friends? If there's a discord between the two, you're not alone. Humans are master pretenders -- we often seem stronger, calmer and more mature than we really are, while the truth is we're full of doubts and self-criticism that pushes us to borrow reassurance from friends, beliefs from strangers on the internet, or attention that, in the moment, makes us feel successful, but leaves us totally hollow and burnt out. True to You is a relatable self-help guide for people who want to learn to live less focused on others' reactions and more confidently by their own principles. Readers will learn how to: interrupt relationship patterns that keep you stuck; rely less on praise and approval from others; develop a solid sense of self in anxious times; and build more authentic and rewarding relationships. Dr. Smith uses examples from the lives of her therapy clients to explain how we borrow confidence, calmness, and beliefs from our relationships and offers actionable steps and exercises for building a life with your own best-thinking. With a healthy dose of humor, she unpacks the science of our social nature, explaining why we try so hard to be what others want us to be and how we can start living from the inside out. By learning how to be more responsible for yourself, rather than over-responsible for everyone else, you can find the freedom to develop richer relationships, pursue what's important to you, and feel steadier in this very anxious world"--

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Chicken soup for the soul. Just say yes : 101 stories about stepping outside your comfort zone / Newmark, Amy
Just say yes
"Just Say Yes! Say "YES" to what challenges you. Say "YES" to facing your fears. Say "YES" to reinventing yourself. Say "YES" to a more exciting and bigger world. Whether it's something little -- like trying a new food or something big-like traveling to a far away country -- we feel empowered when we say YES. You can do it! And the entertaining, personal accounts in these 101 stories will give you motivation and inspiration you need. All you have to do is say "YES""--