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Starla Jean cracks the case / Arnold, Elana K.
Cracks the case
"Have you ever walked a chicken on a leash? Well, chicken expert Starla Jean will let you know first hand, it's not easy. But that doesn't stop Starla from taking her pet chicken, Opal Egg, and her baby sister, Willa, out on a stroll through the neighborhood. On their walk, they stumble upon a mysterious bead. And then another! Before they know it, there's a conundrum on their hands, and it's up to Starla and her friends to figure out just who exactly is losing these beads!"-- Provided by publisher.

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The talent thief / Thayer, Mike

Seventh grader Tiffany Tudwell tries not to attract attention, but when she gains the ability to steal others' talents, Tiffany suddenly finds herself in the spotlight as she uses her powers to help save her dad's failing planetarium.

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When sea becomes sky / Ma Van As, Yaoyao.

As Pelican Island's history-making drought wears on, the water level on Bex and Davey's beloved marsh reveals the hand of a statue that has been underneath the water for who knows how long, and the siblings are determined to find out more.

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The many assassinations of Samir, the seller of dreams / Miyares, Daniel

This is the tale of an exciting journey along the Silk Road with a young Monk and his newfound guardian, Samir, a larger than life character and the so-called "Seller of Dreams." The man is a scammer; his biggest skill being the ability to talk his way into getting what he wants. While that talking did save Monkey's life, it has left a lot of people furious with Samir-- furious enough to hire assassins. Monkey decides to try and save Samir from the attempts on his life-- as a way to pay off his debt! If he can save Samir six times, he'll be a free man-- but will they all survive that long?

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The beautiful something else / Van Otterloo, Ash.

When Sparrow's mother is sent to rehab for opiod addiction, Sparrow is sent to live in a commune with her estranged Aunt where Sparrow begins to embrace their true gender identity.

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The drama with doomsdays / Reintgen, Scott

Eighth grader Celia has a strange vision that foretells a doomsday scenario for her school and suggests another seer is nearby.

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The cobra's song / Kelkar, Supriya

When ten-year-old Indian American Geetanjali, part of a family of classical Hindustani music singers, believes her neighbor has become an ichchaadari naagin, a cobra that can turn human, she must overcome her fears and harness the power of her voice before the naagin changes the whole town into snakes.

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The sea of terror / Curtis, Stacy

Tim and his friends travel by land and sea, collecting treasure and defeating monsters as they go.

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Hailey and the dragon / Magaziner, Lauren
Mythics, Hailey and the dragon
When Hailey and her four fellow Mythics set out to find her mythical beast familiar and fight a powerful villain along the way, she realizes what it means to be part of a team.

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Tiggy Thistle and the lost guardians / Riddell, Chris
Cloud horse chronicles, Tiggy Thistle and the lost guardians
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