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Theodora Hendrix and the Monstrous League of Monsters / Jevons, Chris
Theodora Hendrix.
Theodora's monster foster family broke the rules when they chose to raise her, and when someone threatens to divulge their secret, she must find the culprit to protect their way of life.

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Emily's cupcake magic! / Simon, Coco
Cupcake diaries, the new batch.
Cupcake Club founder Katie Brown's stepsister Emily enters a baking contest at her new school and discovers her own way to bake.

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Not if you break up with me first / Miller, G. F.

Childhood friends Eve & Andrew are destined to be together -- everyone says so, especially their friends and classmates who are all suddenly crush-obsessed. So when their first eighth-grade school dance rolls around and Eve, feeling the pressure, awkwardly asks Andrew to go with her, everyone assumes they are Officially Dating and Practically in Love. Overwhelmed, Eve and Andrew just go along with it. And it's awkward. Neither of them want this dating thing to mess up their friendship, and they don't really see each other that way. But they also don't want to be the one to call things off, the one to make things super awkward, so they both separately pledge to be the worst boyfriend/girlfriend ever, leaving it to the other person to break up with them. It would be genius, if the other person weren't trying to do the exact same thing.

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City pals / Costa, Dela.
Isla of adventure.
Isla's newest adventure takes her on an airplane to the big city where she speaks to a pigeon in need of assistance.

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Lightning Bug light show / Bell, Jennifer A.
Adventures of Sophie Mouse.
Sophie Mouse helps a self-conscious firefly discover the beauty of his bright glow just in time for him to perform with his Lightening Bug troupe.

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I'm your biggest phantom / Miedoso, Andres.
Desmond Cole ghost patrol.
Ghost Patrol's Andres and Desmond gain celebrity status from the new kid in Kersville, but there is more behind his adoration than meets the eye.

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Beach paws / Higgins, Cam.
Good dog.
"Bo is ready to get his paws into the soft sand at the beach! With his human family by his side and the refreshing waves, it's looking like the ultimate day of fun in the sun. But when a lost pup wanders into Bo's path, Bo quickly puts a hold on beach time to lend a helping paw."--

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Free again / Farley, Terri
Phantom stallion.
"When Sam finds a home for a group of "unadoptable" mustangs, she feels like a hero. But when she promises to help care for the horses -- especially the blind filly among them -- she's overwhelmed with responsibilities. Then the filly wanders off alone in a snowstorm. Will Sam be able to find her in time? Or will the Phantom be the one who saves the day?"--

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Code red / Mccullough, Joy

Thirteen-year-old former elite gymnast Eden is feeling lost after a career-ending injury, but when she meets new friends who open her eyes to period poverty, the struggle that low-income people have trying to afford menstrual products, she becomes an advocate for fair treatment and rediscovers her passion and drive.

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Olympic shell-ebration / Bardhan-Quallen, Sudipta
It's time for the summer Olympics and Kittentail Cove is ready to celebrate! A hometown Olympic hero will be hosting a field day at Sea School and best friends Coral, Shelly, and Angel are excited to try all kinds of fun sports. But when Coral makes the swim-nastics team and Shelly and Angel don't, she'll have to overcome her fears and learn to work with her new team if they want to win.